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Balouch Culture & History

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Well come to Balouch Culture and History. This web page tells about Balouch and their Culture and History. Some parts of this page tell information briefly specially the History section. I got lots of complains from visitors about not adding their tribes in the tribes page. I Would like to say to them, these are not all Balouchi tribes. I do believe that your tribes are also among Balouchi tribes but what I listed it is a brief list which gives only the main tribes among Balouchi tribes.

The Mp3 section is a new section and still under construction. I am planning to add some more and good quality Balouchi songs including old songs also. Some of visitors of this page keep asking me to add a section about my self but if you are interested to know about me you can send me e-mail on iqbalwali@yahoo.com

HumZuban v2.0 & v3.0

English to Balouchi dictionary also available for download and it is totally free. It can be installed on Windows 95/98/2000. This is the second version of HumZuban and it contains more than 1500 words. Currently I am working on the third version and I am adding to it some more words and modifying some old words to more advanced Balouchi Language. The beta version was issued for testing and debugging and fortunately there was no bug in it so no extra work on it. Please send me e-mail to tell your comments on Humzuban.

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