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Lajj O Mayar


    The term connoted a penetrating philosophical abstraction. and meat Baloch adherence to his high principles in all matters.  In its general sense it was a comprehensive term having deep cogitative metaphysical, social and ethical standards.  In other words, it was an intelligent self-restraint on certain matters, and a vigorous and provocative force demanding the individual to act and behave in a manner prescribed by the tribal codes.  It was the disciplinary inner-strength of the individual Baloch regulating his entire conduct.  While Lajj O Mayar connoted all the best qualities, belajj, or person devoid of lajj, had all the characteristics of a vicious and a contemptible person of a wicked nature.   Figuratively, however, the very word, 'Baloch' or 'Balochi' meant Lajj O Mayar.   It depicts the traditions of justice and equality, reasonableness and sobriety, bravery and courage, sagacity and wisdom, truthfulness and honesty, and hospitality and devotion.




    A Baloch hated the enemy to the extreme; but had the highest regard for those he, liked.  Mehr, deep devotion and extreme possessive love, was the guiding spirit and provided virtually a sound base for his outlook.  His regard for his family and friends was profound.  He was devoted to those who may have helped him in any manner, 'Tase ap ware sad sala wapa bidar': 'You should have affection for the person for a century who once offered you a glass of water', so goes and old Balochi maxim.   He never raised hands on the person from whose house he had taken meals.   Beebagr refused to eat food served by Mir Gwahram during his stay as bahot after Grannnaz kidnap episod.  His reason was that as enemies they would be fighting very soon.  How could he then fight Gwahram after eating in his house?