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    The leisure hours were spent in playing and gambling.  The most favourite among the games for the adults was horse racing.  Surprisingly quite a few games of sport developed any uniform rules or specifications to be organized on a vast scale as inter-tribal games, save the horse-race and archery.  Another important innovation was betting on the games by participants themselves or by on-lookers.  The games of chance which were prevalent in almost every ancient civilization, were also there in Baloch cultural traditions.  Lots were also cast not only as a favourite game of chance but also for ending disputes or dividing property.  There are scores of references in folk-literature about people gambling, using their most valuable things at stakes.

    Another phenomenon was that most of the games were not merely meant for sports; there, in fact, provided a proper training for the individual to shoulder his responsibilities as an useful member of the tribe.  For instance, horse-race and sports resembling polo or archery provided a sound practical training for young men to participate in tribal wars.   Indoor games included those which required considerable insight and panning stratagem.