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    The Baloch had an open society with its unique charachteristic of equality and freedom, which is now deep-rooted.  Every Baloch was expected to be active member of the tribe.  He took part in discussion in diwan which was open to everyone, at the house of the Sardar or the elder.  Sometimes there were separate place, diwanjah, for such getherings.  Social, political and economic peoblems concerning the tribe were debated in these assemblies.  Diwan literally means gathering or assembly.

    Diwan in it formal nature was to be participated in by the elders and elected personalities.  In all informal get-togethers everybody felt his presence.  This spirt had made the Baloch into a close knit tribal structure based on mutual benefit and loss.

    The house of the leader, or diwanjah was the place where history, legends, ballads, drama, lyrics and tales of love were told and sung.  Every one wished that he could exert himself and attract others by his knowledge and manners during such discussions.